Full Stack Engineer - Distributed Systems


ACOTA (Automatic Collaborative Tagging). It is a Java-based library for suggesting tags in a collaborative and automatic way. It is based on the use of folksonomies to manage the tags and provide advanced services of automatic learning, reasoning, etc. View on Github

Wesby is a linked data frontend that wraps your RDF resources with custom-built interfaces, effectively turning your SPARQL endpoints into rich HTML5 websites. View on Github

Computex (Computing Statistical Indexes) can be seen as an extension of RDF Data Cube vocabulary to handle statistical indexes. View on Github

McC-Splat-MR is a MapReduce implementation of the McC-Splat Algorithm, created by Daniel Gayo Avello, using Hadoop Framework. McC-Splat is an iterative algorithm to perform vertex labeling on a partially labeled social network. View on Github

About Me

Hi, my name is César Luis Alvargonzález, I'm a Software Engineer currently working at ElasticBox - a SaaS application which helps developers and operations personnel to deploy and orchestrate the lifecycle of complex applications.

I used to work in Weso - a web semantic research group - doing research and building APIs and linked data endpoints.

I studied a Masters Degree in Web Engineering and a Bachelor Degree in Computer Systems at the University of Oviedo.

My areas of interest are everything related with distributed systems, microservices, cloud computing and containerization.